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How To Choose The Right Engagement Ring


If you have decided to take your relationship to the next level - congratulations! Proposing will not be completely special without the right engagement ring. It can be a daunting and stressful task, however. There are many engagement rings to choose from and you definitely want to choose the best one.


In order to make choosing an engagement ring simpler and less tedious, here are some useful tips that you should remember when choosing the right and perfect engagement ring from the right wholesale diamond broker for your loved one.


Have a set price range


A man is usually expected to spend at least one to two month's worth of his salary on a suitable engagement ring. Nowadays, however, price ranges now vary as customers have become more involved and knowledgeable in choosing the perfect engagement ring for their fiance?. Before you start your search for the best engagement, you should consider your budget. The stress in buying an engagement ring usually involves money so you should be comfortable in what you are about to spend. Do not focus too much on buying the most expensive ring or the biggest diamond. There are affordable and beautiful engagement rings that can fit different budgets. Check helpful websites online for more information on diamonds.


Consider her taste and style in jewelry


In order to have a clue on what kind of engagement ring to buy your fiance?, look at the jewelry that she normally wears and the style that she would pick for herself. Does she usually wear small and elegant pieces or big and bold jewelry? If she wears rings every day, you will be able to see her style and preference. Size is important, too, so think of a way how you can borrow one of her rings so you can take it to the Australian diamond brokers.


Choose the right gem or diamond


In searching for engagement rings in Sydney, remember that you will be selecting a gemstone or diamond which is where most of the budget will go. Some prefer to purchase a loose gem or diamond and have it enclosed in the ring design that she will like. If you are buying a diamond, remember to choose based on the four Cs which are cut, color, clarity and carat. Research what kind of diamond will fit your budget and then consult a jeweler as to what kind of setting will be perfect for the diamond. Other non-traditional types of gemstones that may be used on engagement rings are sapphires, emeralds, amethysts, rubies, opals and pearls.